Volume 5 Issue 4 (2016)

Knowledge and Awareness: Linear Regression

pp. 279-292  |  Published Online: December 2016  |  DOI: 10.22521/edupij.2016.54.2

Monika Raghuvanshi


Knowledge and awareness are factors guiding development of an individual. These may seem simple and practicable, but in reality a proper combination of these is a complex task. Economically driven state of development in younger generations is an impediment to the correct manner of development. As youths are at the learning phase, they can be molded to follow a correct lifestyle. Awareness and knowledge are important components of any formal or informal environmental education. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the relationship of these components among students of secondary/ senior secondary schools who have undergone a formal study of environment in their curricula. A suitable instrument is developed in order to measure the elements of Awareness and Knowledge among the participants of the study. Data was collected from various secondary and senior secondary school students in the age group 14 to 20 years using cluster sampling technique from the city of Bikaner, India. Linear regression analysis was performed using IBM SPSS 23 statistical tool. There exists a weak relation between knowledge and awareness about environmental issues, caused due to routine practices mishandling; hence one component can be complemented by other for improvement in both. Knowledge and awareness are crucial factors and can provide huge opportunities in any field. Resource utilization for economic solutions may pave the way for eco-friendly products and practices. If green practices are inculcated at the learning phase, they may become normal routine. This will also help in repletion of the environment.

Keywords: knowledge, awareness, youths, environment, routine


Aminrad, Z., Zakariya, S., Hadi, A. S., & Sakari, M. (2013). Relationship Between Awareness, Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Environmental Education Among Secondary School Students in Malaysia. World Applied Sciences Journal 22(9), 1326-1333.

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