Volume 5 Issue 4 (2016)

Multicultural Informational and the Educational Environment of the University

pp. 293-297  |  Published Online: December 2016  |  DOI: 10.22521/edupij.2016.54.3

Anzhelina A. Koriakina


The development of a multicultural society as a new stage of human development suggests the importance of modern multicultural educational environment. In this regard, the questions related to the problem of multicultural virtual educational environments are very real. This study deals with the problem of multicultural informational and educational environment as a new class of multicultural educational environments in the age of global informatization and virtualization of modern society and education. The research concludes that modern multicultural informational and educational environment is characterized by tolerance, regionalization, and tendency towards stable functioning and development. In summary, it is noted that multicultural informational and educational environment contribute to the formation of the national identity of a person and provides training for the better understanding of other cultures, recognition and acceptance of cultural diversity.

Keywords: educational environment, multicultural informational, regional informational


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